5” x 8”

198 pages


13 Oct. 2019

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Young Adult / Adult subject matter and themes.

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The Circle 19

a Brussels Anthology

For many of the eleven poets and fifteen writers showcased in The Circle 19: a Brussels Anthology, English is not their native language. Though their chosen profession may be doctor, engineer, translator, teacher or diplomat, and their genres stretch from science fiction to nonfiction, poetry to children’s fairy tales, their contributions hint at the range of talent within Brussels Writers’ Circle and collectively offer a guided tour into the less-travelled, magic-laden parts of Brussels – the parvis after dark, the flat where two lovers quarrel, sun’s first cast of silver light, when strangers meet in a crowded cafe.

The Circle 19: a Brussels Anthology is the third publication of literary work by past and current members of the Brussels Writers’ Circle.


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