books for the journey

and the hesitation

Our Mission

It’s our mission at Idle Time Press to create a new world of reader happiness while being responsible citizens and good stewards of our planet. We love books; you love books! Our collective love of books demands a lot of energy and generates an incredible amount of waste. Too many books languish on store shelves before being returned unsold. This is a consequence of our focus on fast production. We’ve come to believe that something is desirable if we can walk into a shop and leave with it in our hands, without weighing the costs of over production.

Idle Time Press is slowing things down. We’re taking our time, finding our soul. If five books are ordered, five books are made. If one book is ordered, one book is made. Nothing goes to waste. And as our books spend more time in your hands and their pages become dog-eared and smeared with jam, we hope you’ll continue to love them as if they were new. And when you’re ready to close our book covers for the last time, we hope you’ll pass them along to someone who loves books as much as you.

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