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Coming-of-age; Science and Nature/Environment and Climate Change; Teen and Adult Depression and Friendship 

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The Apology Box

When sixteen-year-old Tessa’s small mountain community is ravaged by a forest fire, people come together to heal. Except Tessa. Because she set the fire. An unlikely friendship, a painful discovery, and a box full of letters may be the only chance Tessa has at redemption. 

The Apology Box Reviews:

BookLife gives this “unique coming-of-age” story a 9/10.



Naomi Ulsted’s The Apology Box is a complex contemporary fiction novel that overflows with the raw intensity of the human spirit. Ulsted superbly captures the very essence of those awkward moments where we all pretend like we’re comfortable with a situation just to fit in, but the reality is completely different. The heart-wrenching plot is more about how one careless act is perceived, remembered and recovered from, rather than the flaws and complexities of teenage rationale in making a bad decision. Tessa, though flawed, is an admirable example of a brave person willing to take responsibility rather than avoid accountability. In our world where culpability is easily pushed on others, The Apology Box is a must-read novel that is modern, compelling and painfully relevant.

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The Apology Box is written with great empathy and cinematic immediacy. It is also a vivid, authentic environmental allegory concerned with finding our way back, healing and regeneration. This is a wonderful book

James Reich,

author of The Song My Enemies Sing

This young adult novel is captivating, frustrating, and oh so real.

Kate Ristau

Author of The Clockbreakers and Shadow Girls series

A poignant young adult novel about redemption, community, and moving forward after life-altering mistakes.

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