8.5” x 8.5”

32 pages

Ideal for read-a-loud

Fully illustrated rhyming story

Key Themes

Melting Arctic sea ice; changing animal behaviour; space travel; friendship

Booking Opportunities

School Visits, Library Readings & Activities, Bookshop Signings.

Polar Bear and the UFO

Polar Bear and the UFO contains two things kids love: stories about polar bears and UFOs! The story begins in the frostiest reaches of the Arctic Circle, where a polar bear lies next to a hole in the ice waiting for a seal. When a passing UFO offers a super interstellar cosmic buffet, Polar Bear and UFO embark on a foraging journey through space. Turns out, space food doesn’t taste anything like seal.

Polar Bear and the UFO Reviews:

This book is so cute! Great rhyming, beautiful illustrations, and adorable polar bear you can root for! Just the right mix of silly and educational to make this book a total gem.

Goodreads, Israel

The illustrations are simply magical, from a friendly polar bear staring from the cover, through the cool tones of the Arctic, to the swirling warmth of Mars. This unusual twist on space travel is a delight.


I appreciated the subtle hints of climate change, and the ending made me laugh pretty hard

Stacy, Librarian

I loved the adventures of Polar Bear and the UFO and I would love this book to become a series. It is great evidence that differences do not make friendships impossible, not at all. 


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