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Book Club Questions, and fun facts in Egyptian Objects, Myths and Places

Key Themes

Time travel; Ancient Egyptian history, culture, and myths; Family; Cross-cultural friendship.

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Boy Between Worlds II

The Novice Collector

In Boy Between Worlds II: The Novice Collector, Max spends his days learning to master the ancient magic inside the Cabinet of Curiosities, escaping at night with new friend Youssef to explore the streets of Cairo. When the Lieutenant, leader of a local antiquities trafficking gang, resurfaces with a plan to steal treasure on its way to the Cairo Museum, Max must use what he’s learned of the Cabinet’s magic to stop the Lieutenant before it’s too late.

Boy Between Worlds :

The Novice Collector Reviews:

Blending fast-paced adventure and magic with realistic cultural and historical detail, the story artfully combines learning and fun. Max is a relatable character, whose struggles with family and with his own identity are sure to feel familiar to middle-grade readers. Although the story incorporates magic and fantasy elements, these are blended cleverly with real-world details that help make the story immersive, while the emphasis on the genuine issue of antiquities theft encourages readers to think critically about history, archeology, and cultural property. Boy Between Worlds: The Novice Collector is an exciting, informative, and highly entertaining read. 


This book is beautifully written and full of adventure. 


9 out of 10.  This story flows effortlessly, cleverly integrating the pedestrian and the supernatural, making the magic seem like a normal part of 13-year-old Max’s experience. 

BookLife Prize

This is a middle grade adventure set mostly in Cairo, with the protagonist, Max, just about to celebrate his 13th birthday. The Egyptian setting feels authentic with action moving from the museum through the bustling chaotic streets of Cairo to the market and an Egyptian cemetery. The story also covers important themes of antiquity theft and recovery.

NetGalley, Jim

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