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Ancient Egyptian Myths and Magic; Time Travel; Antiquities Crime; Mystery; Secrets; Cross-Cultural Friendship; Intergenerational Family Relationships

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Boy Between Worlds III

An Eye For An Eye

In this third instalment of the time-jumping Boy Between Worlds series, ancient Egyptian magic throws thirteen-year-old Max Mead into the past and provides clues to solving modern-day crimes. In books I and II, using objects from his grandfather’s collection of artefacts, Max cracked a kidnapping, discovered an underground cave full of stolen treasure, and helped unmask the ruthless leader of an antiquities trafficking gang known as the Pharaoh. The magic also helped Max locate a coveted object that had eluded his grandfather for years: the last missing piece of Horus’ Eye.

Now that the Pharaoh has come looking for Horus’ Eye, Max and his grandfather are in danger. To protect his family, Max summons the power of the Eye and sets in motion a sequence of events that lead to an untimely confrontation with the Pharaoh. Will his grip on ancient magic be enough to help Max survive the Pharaoh and his cunning plan?

Publication Date: November 2023
Publisher: Idle Time Press
Distributor: Ingram, Amazon, Idle Time Press




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