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Key Themes

Time travel; Ancient Egyptian history, culture, and myths; Family; Cross-cultural friendship.

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Boy Between Worlds I

The Cabinet of Curiosities

In this action-packed adventure, twelve-year-old Max Mead is headed to Cairo but, there’ll be no time for fun.  His grandfather, a famous antiquities expert, has gone missing.  When Max is given the key to his grandfather’s Cabinet of Curiosities, he hopes to locate clues to his grandfather’s disappearance.  Instead, he unlocks an old and powerful family secret and encounters people who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

“This endearing adventure dazzles.”  BookLife Prize

Boy Between Worlds :

The Cabinet of Curiosities Reviews:

This book is just right for middle grade readers who are uncertain how to navigate looming independence. It would also be a great choice for young history buffs.


Wow!!! This is a great action/adventure and thriller fantasy with mystery, twists, incredible characters and a fascinating storyline!! Any middle-grader, Y/A or even adults of any age will love Boy Between Worlds: The Cabinet of Curiosities.


The thrilling plot moves fast. Exciting action scenes add to the suspense in this incredible story. Boy Between Worlds: The Cabinet of Curiosities by Cynthia C Huijgens comes highly recommended.


Best middle grade fantasy that I have read in a long time!!!

Goodreads, Mary Lynn

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