8.5” x 11” / 216mm x 280mm

32 pages

Great for read-a-loud

Key Themes

Stargazing; Space: Intergenerational Friendships; Fostering childhood imagination, creativity and independence;

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A Fish Called Andromeda

Author: Cynthia C. Huijgens
Illustrator: Yusuke Watanabe
Publisher: Idle Time Press
Distributor: Ingram, Amazon, Idle Time Press
Thirty-two pages of stunning illustrations by animator and debut children’s book illustrator Yusuke Watanabe float alongside the uplifting story in A FISH CALLED ANDROMEDA which celebrates childhood creativity and the power of intergenerational friendships to encourage children to learn about the world beyond their immediate family. Central to the story is the enduring magic and allure of the night sky. Perfect for read-a-loud, children of all ages will love the magic of a fish called Andromeda.

Let your imagination take you on an adventure

“…the colourful, whimsical watercolor illustrations add to the magic of the story, bringing Andromeda and her fellow constellations to life to dance across a profoundly deep blue sky. A Fish Called Andromeda is inspirational and dreamy—perfect for bedtime or classroom reading.”
The Children’s Book Review

“This is my favourite book ever!”
six-year-old fan





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